Terry Mindfulness & Long Wellness Center


Dialectic Behavioral Therapy is aimed at skills training and individual psychotherapy combined. A dialectic is looking at contradictory situations and finding their solutions

Clients simultaneously learn: 1) mindfulness and  psychosocial skills and 2) self regulation of one's behavior resulting in better skills for influencing one's environment.

The nature of reality is change and process; therefore, major skills to learn are: 1) the ability to inhibit inappropriate behavior, 2) organization of oneself to act in ways that are not dependent on mood, 3) how to self-soothe after intense emotion, and 4) how to be able to refocus in the presence of strong emotion (especially negative emotion) resulting in self control and individual achievement

There are four modules:

               1) Distress Tolerance

               2) Mindfulness

               3) Emotion Regulation

               4) Interpersonal Effectiveness

At the end all of these are put together and result in a happier, less destructive, lifestyle and improved relationships with others.