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Fall Silent Meditation Retreat

​​​​September 23, 2018

This is a day-long silent meditation retreat, almost 5 hours of meditation if you count the regular Sunday morning sitting from 9:30 - 10am

You are not required to stay the entire day, but encouraged to. We will meditate for 35 minutes and break for 25 minutes. This retreat may be challenging for some. relaxing for others, and renewing for all. Sitting with a group always feels more comfortable. Many might experience a renewed commitment to their meditation practice, deep acceptance, calmness and patience.

Tuition is $35. Time is 10:00am - 4:00pm

Please call or email Lisa Terry to RSVP

772-564-0406 or mindfulway@terrymindfulness.com

Space is limited to 15 meditators.

Wear comfortable clothing, bring pillow(s) to sit on if sitting on the floor (I have 8 pillows), food and drink for yourself. Bring a journal of some sort to record any thoughts and great ideas. Sometimes the most interesting thoughts and ideas arise that you want to remember. Problems and issues may be resolved, and you definitely want to remember how this happened :-) Hot and cold water, as well as an assortment of tea, will be provided. During breaks you can journal, snack, drink, stretch, exercise, walk or sit outside; whatever you like, except communicate with others or use electronics. It is encouraged to leave your cell phone in your car or at home. If you have something that is a potential emergency, give family/friend my number, then I will let you know if they need you.

Silent Meditation Retreat

Sept. 23, 2018

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International Day of Peace

Sept. 21, 2018

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Sunday morning Meditation is a Metta (lovingkindness) Meditation. Please arrive by 9:20. Meditation starts promptly at 9:30, ending at 10:00am.


RSVP is not required.

   We hold a Meditation sitting every Sunday morning at 9:30am. The Meditation is for everyone, beginners to long time meditators. The total time we meditate is 30 minutes. This might sound long if you are new to meditation, I promise, it will go by very, very fast. There's something about meditating with a group...it seems to "allow" us to be still...easier. That's what many of the meditators say and I totally agree. 
We sit on the floor, with or without pillows, or in chairs. Whatever is most comfortable. Sunday morning Metta Meditation begins with a 2-5 minute guide to help you relax, calm and orient your body and mind to stillness and the quiet. Then we individually recite (in our heads) the Metta Meditation to ourselves, family, friends and those that challenge us. 

If you have questions please call 772-564-0406 or email mindfulway@terrymindfulness.com.

Please sign up at www.meet-up.com to receive reminders and any change in the schedule, if you wish. 

Hope to see you soon ...Lisa